Sunday, April 30, 2017

A few more old pics

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HMS Adamant and subs
Fremantle Harbour 1945

US subs and mothership
Fremantle 1945


British migrants disembarking
at Fremantle 1947

HMS Victorious departing with Australian
war brides


Sunday, April 23, 2017


My lemon tree is producing hundreds of juicy fruit and I have been giving them away to friends.  Last year it bore so much fruit a branch broke off.   I guess I should prune it back sometime.
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I also had a Tahitian Lime tree in a pot and of course, it eventually became root bound.  So, I dug a hole near the lemon tree, prepared the ground and transplanted it.  I was worried that it might not like that treatment, but with constant heavy watering it has survived well and is showing new flowers and small fruit.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Just a few photos

Just a few photos...Click to enlarge

My father with Helen
and Martin at a Haus Tambaran
1973 Sepik District, PNG.

1923 Bugatti at Molsheim  Auto Museum France

Fred C Ainsworth USN supply ship
Fremantle Harbour 1945
Kalgoorlie goldfields.
Exchange Hotel Kalgoorlie
Western Australia

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Personal Effects

I have for some years subscribed to a daily edition of The Writer’s Almanac.   It is a quite wonderful birthday call on writers and poets.    It is a free subscription and I recommend it to you.

I am not big on poetry, but the following is my all time favourite.

Personal Effects
By Frannie Lindsay

For once not arguing,
we divide among ourselves
the things she left; her mother’s mothers’s
swan brooch, her pilled and odorless
brown coat, sturdy Timex,
the night shirt she mended
with clashing thread.

The morning before, I sat
by my mother’s bed
to ask her what she would like
the paper to say about her
life. It was like bring read a story 
backwards, the reader becoming 
the child afraid to fall asleep.

With the shift nurse helping 
and some baby oil, and trembling
the way he did the day he slipped it on,
my father bends over 
the quieted body I thought I saw breathe,
and slides off her wedding ring.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Styptic Pencil

A few days ago I cut my face shaving.   Even resorting to the Norman Gunston method, I could not stop the blood flow.

Norman Gunston

So I patched the cut up with tissue paper and went to a pharmacy to buy a Styptic Pencil, which as I remember from years ago,  could stop an arterial haemorrhage. 

It worked immediately and I was reminded of the generic name for a Styptic Pencil; a jesus stick.  Even though I am losing some words at my age, the sudden very sharp pain of the JS being applied brought back a loud JEEESUS!