Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Can You Help

A friend acquired this mystery photo and I sent it in to our daily paper here in Western Australia to seek help identifying the place and the reason for the celebratory march over the bridge.  The West, as our paper is called, has a weekly page called Can You Help, where readers can ask for all sorts of help.  Very interesting page.

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When it was published, I had a number of phone calls from country people and four callers felt that it was definitely the opening of the bridge at a small town named Williams in the W.A. wheat belt and then I had a call from Julie, who is a member of the Dongara Historical Society telling me that the bridge is the Dongara Bridge over the Irwin River and she has seen the same pic in a local history book.   I did a simple search and she is indeed correct.  The march was in 1887 and was to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria.  A very British time back then.
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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Hospital visit

Visited a friend in hospital today.  Several months ago Rob had a second hip replacement.  He has had emergency treatment seven times due to an infection and now has a temporary hip replacement which will be replaced when he is stabilised.  He was to go home today, but the surgery is still causing problems with a brownish liquid leaking from the closure.

When I visited him at Fiona Stanley Hospital I took a snack of biscuits, selected cheese and my favourite, green olives stuffed with anchovies.  It turns out Rob doesn’t eat cheese or olives or anchovies.  He ate the bikkies whilst I got the goodies.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Computer recycling

Had a visit from a Mercy Care volunteer, Tania, with a young lady who came to collect an iMac to help with her studies.  Alicia is a bright young lady who very quickly grasped the basics of the Mac operating system.  She does not have a modem to connect to the internet and so will connect through her mobile phone.

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I also had a visit from a fav ex-student of mine; Krissy.  She is always welcome and we both enjoy a few coffees and great conversations.  Krissy knows my kitchen almost better than I do and knows how to operate my coffee machine.
Love her visits.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Of cars and flowers

I have been doing a little work on my new toy; my Mazda 1993, 929.  One of the windscreen washer jets was blocked and so I ventured out to a Mazda dealer to try and get a replacement.  The man asked for the Mazda VIN (vehicle identification number) which I neglected to write down before leaving home.   He came back telling me that there are a range of them available starting @ $80.  I decided to clean the muck out of the jets and it is working well again.  Silly me, figured it would have cost around $8.

Flower time....Bird of Paradise.