Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Narrowband therapy heating up

I am in my fourth week of Ultraviolet Light Phototherapy-Narrowband UVB treatment. Treatment is three times a week with each session increasing in exposure time.  Yesterday’s treatment was for 5 minutes 40 seconds.  I am thinking that the end of the treatment exposure time will be 10 plus minutes.  Yesterday’s exposure time was quite warm and I figure that during the final week, it should be hot enough for me to smuggle in a nice bread roll and a hamburger patty and onions to have for the drive home.*

So far I have noticed a vast improvement in my skin and my arms at least, will soon be able to be shown to the public.  Itching has calmed down also.

* Just kidding

Monday, October 26, 2015

Willetton SHS 1995 reunion

I had a wonderful Saturday evening at a reunion of students who graduated in 1995. I wasn’t part of that cohort, but taught many of them over their 5 years of high school.  
I was the only teacher who mixed it with the 130 ex-students of Willetton SHS.  I was a little disappointed with the lack of interest of other teachers of this group, but confess I enjoyed the attention and kind words bestowed on me.  Bit of an ego trip!
Brother Graham dropped me off at the venue at South Fremantle Football Club and responded to my call around 10.25pm; collected me and dropped me off home.

A few photos of these 36/37 year olds.  All of the guests I spoke with were most successful in their chosen careers.

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The wonderful Sam who organised the event

Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Joan

On TV tonight was a report about a U.S. study showing us that men didn’t like dating smarter women.  Hope they didn’t spend too much money on that survey.

My wife was several dozen points above me on the IQ scale and I loved her dearly for the 46 years we were together. Still love her.  We shared our intelligence and practicality.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sister Shirl hits the Hamptons

I have just received an email from my nephew in NY telling me that my sister arrived safely from Perth, Western Australia.  Brother Graham and I had the task/pleasure of collecting sister Shirley at Perth domestic airport from her flight from Esperance on the south coast and looking after her before her evening flight on Emirates en route to NYC.   
We spent a few hours with Shirl before driving her out to Perth International Airport. My daughter Helen suggested I pay for a cab rather that try and negotiate the recent modifications on the airport roads.   ‘Nahh.  I can do it’, says Kev.  I had not been to that airport since multi-million dollar roadworks alongside and within the airport were completed and I had heard much discussion and complaints about the difficulty of finding the International Terminal.
Once off the main highway there are probably 7-8 roundabouts with not one indication of an International Terminal.   After about 30 minutes of somewhat terse criticism of the organisation, we were directed to a roundabout which eventually led us to the terminal.     Shirl was off, with a stopover in Dubai then on to NY.

Bruce and Tamara live in the Hamptons and Shirl will be mixing with the elite.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

WSHS Class of 95 reunion

I arrived home from an outing on Friday and found a most welcome gift on my front door step.  Don’t know who left it there, but I am using it with some good soothing results on the the Psoriasis I am at present plagued with and I am most grateful for your kind thoughts.

Tomorrow I start round three of the UV Light therapy.  On Friday the exposure was for 3Min 10Sec.  The therapist told me that it is often at this stage that results start to be seen.   Hope so as I have a reunion of the Willetton SHS Class of 95 next Saturday and I don’t want to be scratching and squirming at that occasion.  WSHS was my most favourite workplace.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dr Google

I am still suffering from this, my first ever attack of Psoriasis at 75 years of age.  The medical profession confesses that Psoriasis cannot be cured.   Dr Google has a myriad of people writing with successful treatments ranging from aloe vera, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, Dead Sea bath salts, epson salts bath, baking soda bath, Boracic Acid, Turmeric, beet juice, banana skin rub, etc etc etc.  Please note that all these must be in ‘organic’ mode.  

Candida gets a bit of the blame for Psoriasis.

Another wonder cure is Colloidal Silver both applied and taken internally.

I have made up a salve of aloe vera juice and body cream and it may be giving a little relief. Early days yet.    I am continuing the UltraViolet PhotoTherapy-Narrowband UVB treatment three sessions a week for another 7 weeks.

aloe vera

Friday, October 9, 2015

Psoriasis again

I am in my second week of the  Ultraviolet Phototherapy treatment.  The exposure times increase at each visit and my last exposure was for 2 minutes.    Today's visit will probably be for a 3 minute dose. I have not noticed any improvement in the rash or the continual itch.  I have tried many lotions and creams to no avail. 

The nurse who administers  the Ultraviolet booths tells me that it may be up to 8 weeks of exposures before I see (and feel) any better.   In some cases patients see no improvement.  She tells me that in this one small clinic she treats around 75 patients a day.

I have been using anti-histamines to try and ease the itch and I had to stop using one because of some nasty side effects such as slurred speech, balance problems and a strange hallucination where the tiled floor appeared to be flooded with gently swirling clear water.

I know that some people aim to experience these symptoms by taking/smoking/injecting, illegal substances.

A blurrygraph of my forearm

Friday, October 2, 2015

Second round of Ultraviolet Light Therapy

This morning I had the second  round of Ultraviolet Light Therapy.  I am scheduled to have this therapy three days a week with each session of increasing exposure.  Today the exposure was 1Min 20 Sec.     I am unsure how long this therapy will continue. In the 15 minutes I was there approximately 12 patients either entered or left the building.  On Monday I shall ask the nurse how many patients/treatments she has in a week.

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The sock is not easy to attach
 so I am looking for a baby's booty.