Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sister Shirl hits the Hamptons

I have just received an email from my nephew in NY telling me that my sister arrived safely from Perth, Western Australia.  Brother Graham and I had the task/pleasure of collecting sister Shirley at Perth domestic airport from her flight from Esperance on the south coast and looking after her before her evening flight on Emirates en route to NYC.   
We spent a few hours with Shirl before driving her out to Perth International Airport. My daughter Helen suggested I pay for a cab rather that try and negotiate the recent modifications on the airport roads.   ‘Nahh.  I can do it’, says Kev.  I had not been to that airport since multi-million dollar roadworks alongside and within the airport were completed and I had heard much discussion and complaints about the difficulty of finding the International Terminal.
Once off the main highway there are probably 7-8 roundabouts with not one indication of an International Terminal.   After about 30 minutes of somewhat terse criticism of the organisation, we were directed to a roundabout which eventually led us to the terminal.     Shirl was off, with a stopover in Dubai then on to NY.

Bruce and Tamara live in the Hamptons and Shirl will be mixing with the elite.

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