Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dr Google

I am still suffering from this, my first ever attack of Psoriasis at 75 years of age.  The medical profession confesses that Psoriasis cannot be cured.   Dr Google has a myriad of people writing with successful treatments ranging from aloe vera, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, Dead Sea bath salts, epson salts bath, baking soda bath, Boracic Acid, Turmeric, beet juice, banana skin rub, etc etc etc.  Please note that all these must be in ‘organic’ mode.  

Candida gets a bit of the blame for Psoriasis.

Another wonder cure is Colloidal Silver both applied and taken internally.

I have made up a salve of aloe vera juice and body cream and it may be giving a little relief. Early days yet.    I am continuing the UltraViolet PhotoTherapy-Narrowband UVB treatment three sessions a week for another 7 weeks.

aloe vera


Anonymous said...

Sorry to read of your being afflicted with Psoriasis Kevin. I find that Natio moisturising lotion is good with my skin. I don't have Psoriasis though. Paul W.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul, I have a long list of recommended lotions etc to get through yet. None seem to be working at healing the skin problem. Must drop in on you soon.