Friday, October 9, 2015

Psoriasis again

I am in my second week of the  Ultraviolet Phototherapy treatment.  The exposure times increase at each visit and my last exposure was for 2 minutes.    Today's visit will probably be for a 3 minute dose. I have not noticed any improvement in the rash or the continual itch.  I have tried many lotions and creams to no avail. 

The nurse who administers  the Ultraviolet booths tells me that it may be up to 8 weeks of exposures before I see (and feel) any better.   In some cases patients see no improvement.  She tells me that in this one small clinic she treats around 75 patients a day.

I have been using anti-histamines to try and ease the itch and I had to stop using one because of some nasty side effects such as slurred speech, balance problems and a strange hallucination where the tiled floor appeared to be flooded with gently swirling clear water.

I know that some people aim to experience these symptoms by taking/smoking/injecting, illegal substances.

A blurrygraph of my forearm

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