Sunday, July 15, 2018

NBN worries

I signed up for an NBN* connection last week and the modem arrived by courier.   The instructions seemed reasonably simple and I followed the directions, but nothing.  A friend signed up with the same company, iinet, and he had a lot of trouble getting it started and ended up hiring a computer guru to get online.
I asked my cousin Ted to have a look at what I was doing wrong and after three hours and him talking with iinet teckos in South Africa and New Zealand, I am still not online.  Ted has had experience setting up family and friends and we were confident he would have me online in no time.
The last chap we talked to asked us to wait until Monday when iinet could take a look at my connection to the node which is some 400 metres from my house.  The modem tells us that we are connected and that wifi is working; but zilch!

Hope to get connected some time Monday.  Meantime I have kept on line with a wireless connection.

* National Broadband Network