Thursday, January 28, 2016

Car Warranty

I bought a  Kia sedan just over 12 months ago.   I remember all the hype about a 7 year warranty.    The dealer I bought it from has been writing to me reminding me that if I don’t service my car with them, the warranty is void.   It is past the original warranty time of three years and they remind me that the new warranty runs out in 2020 and if it is not serviced by them I am no longer covered.

It seems that the extended warranty is offered by Kia dealers and not Kia.  I like the car and will take my chances and get it serviced by a local service centre at around two thirds of the dealers price.  Shonky deal that most people would not know about without reading the fine print.  

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Look back at the past

Our Bicton home on Canning Highway was built in 1897.  We were the second owners to occupy that grand house with many of the belongings of the last family to live there still intact; artefacts of a family gone.  One is an autograph book belonging to Elsie Murray.  Over the years I have looked at this book with drawings, poems and well wishes from an era long gone.

One man named George D’Arcy-Evans painted a couple of pictures for Elsie in her autograph book in May 1914.

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  Just today I googled the name D’arcy-Evans and had two hits.  One is a GP and I left a message at his surgery to see if he was interested in having the paintings.  

Another couple of pages featured the visit to Fremantle Harbour in 1916 of the Japanese Cruiser Iwate....Allies in WW1; the baddies in WW2.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Last drinks at the Thirsty Camel

It’s last drinks for the local bottle shop near my home.  Chelsea is one of the staff doing the last shift before the new owners take over tomorrow.  Not one of the dedicated staff of this bottle shop has been offered a job by the new owners. 

Sad that I will not be able to enjoy their pleasant service especially the charming Chelsea.  She should walk into a job easily with her pleasant personality and charm; hope so.

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Bare shelves 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Bye Bye Psoriasis

Today I finished the Ultraviolet ray treatment for Psoriasis.  In all I had 47 treatments.  There are a few residual bits of Psoriasis, but nothing serious.  The nurse in charge is reminiscent of Nurse Ratched; bossy and a bit offhand.  I am happy to have done with the treatment.

When I left the treatment rooms I told her that I hoped that I would not see her again.  She merely replied........’You’ll be back’.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Moses has gone

Today I received a message from the son of one of my ex students from 1962 in Papua.  He informed me that his father had passed away.  

Moses Hailai was a cheerful, intelligent and friendly lad in my class at Arehava Primary School in an isolated village in the Gulf of Papua.   I was Teacher in Charge at the PS for three years before transferring to Madang Technical School.   Moses trained as a teacher and he too became Teacher in Charge of a school in Lae, New Guinea.

He retired some three or four years ago and his son, also Moses Hailai, found me on Facebook and we have been corresponding for a couple of years.  Moses senior and his wife are both gone now.  Life expectancy is not great in PNG.

I have thought of returning to PNG for a visit after leaving there some 40 years ago.  If I am to do it, I should make plans soon.

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Moses with hibiscus flower

Friday, January 1, 2016

A printer bargain

An Australia-wide store advertised Canon printers for $12.00 (one per customer)  I visited two branches and bought a printer at each and my daughter and husband James were out shopping so I asked them to buy me two more.  They will go with computers I give to needy people. I usually either get given printers or buy second hand ones and spend hours getting them running and buying ink cartridges. Either way is still more expensive than a $12 brand new printer.   These printer cartridges can be refilled either by yourself or exchanged for refilled cartridges at a cartridge store, much cheaper than the original/genuine cartridges.