Saturday, January 9, 2016

Moses has gone

Today I received a message from the son of one of my ex students from 1962 in Papua.  He informed me that his father had passed away.  

Moses Hailai was a cheerful, intelligent and friendly lad in my class at Arehava Primary School in an isolated village in the Gulf of Papua.   I was Teacher in Charge at the PS for three years before transferring to Madang Technical School.   Moses trained as a teacher and he too became Teacher in Charge of a school in Lae, New Guinea.

He retired some three or four years ago and his son, also Moses Hailai, found me on Facebook and we have been corresponding for a couple of years.  Moses senior and his wife are both gone now.  Life expectancy is not great in PNG.

I have thought of returning to PNG for a visit after leaving there some 40 years ago.  If I am to do it, I should make plans soon.

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Moses with hibiscus flower

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