Tuesday, August 29, 2017

My worm farm.

Inside my worm farm.   They like their sweets!

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Australian Citizenship

Australia seems like it is having a purge of non citizens from Parliament where quite a few members of Federal Parliament have dual citizenship and have neglected to declare themselves as Australian.   
Our son Martin encountered this problem in 2011 when he was in Melbourne working for a Coles Supermarket.  The management suspended him when he could not prove his Australian citizenship. Martin Was born in Wewak, New Guinea in 1972.   The northern half of Papua New Guinea, was deemed to be a U.N. Trust Territory and at the time of leaving PNG we were required to declare Martin to be an Australian citizen.
At the time of Martin’s suspension, my late wife Joan was deceased and I could not remember if we did indeed declare him to be an Australian.   After some months of dealings with the bureaucracy in Canberra, we finally received notice that Martin was indeed Australian.  Too bad Coles couldn’t keep his job safe.

Most of the politicians caught up in the dual citizen debacle were either born in Australia to parents from overseas or arrived in Australia at a very young age.  Martin was nearly declared an alien with the possibility of being deported to his home country, Papua New Guinea.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Martin and Helen Lock

Our kids; Helen and Martin, 45 years ago in Papua New Guinea

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Monday, August 7, 2017

Anti Vaccinators

In the news here in Western Australia, is a story about a young man who attends a private alternative school quite close to my house.   The school has a clientele of  kids who,  it has been shown, have parents who are doubtful of the efficacy of  vaccination against such diseases and many claim vaccination to be dangerous.
This lad went to Italy with the family for a holiday and upon returning to Australia has presented with a case of measles at his school.  As there is an estimated 40-50% non-vaccinated student population at the school  there is a worry that it could spread rapidly amongst the general school population.

Have they not heard about Polio?