Thursday, January 21, 2016

Look back at the past

Our Bicton home on Canning Highway was built in 1897.  We were the second owners to occupy that grand house with many of the belongings of the last family to live there still intact; artefacts of a family gone.  One is an autograph book belonging to Elsie Murray.  Over the years I have looked at this book with drawings, poems and well wishes from an era long gone.

One man named George D’Arcy-Evans painted a couple of pictures for Elsie in her autograph book in May 1914.

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  Just today I googled the name D’arcy-Evans and had two hits.  One is a GP and I left a message at his surgery to see if he was interested in having the paintings.  

Another couple of pages featured the visit to Fremantle Harbour in 1916 of the Japanese Cruiser Iwate....Allies in WW1; the baddies in WW2.

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