Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beating the System

Every time some person or company produces something 'foolproof' someone comes up with a System Beating getaround.

Computer printers, especially Canon branded printers, were nice to people like me who refilled the print cartridges. Their cartridges didn't have an electronic chip on the cartridge like other brands and I have been happily refilling an old Canon printer for years. It is a bit messy and I always end up with multi-colour fingers for a couple of days after refilling.

Over the last few years, all Canon print cartridges have a 'chip' which makes it a bit difficult to refill.

In my computer refurbishing project I get given lots of different printers. Epson is a brand which has a chip on each cartridge. Fortunately some boffins made a cheap chip resetter for the Epson printers I have in the shed, so I can refill them with cheap ink and reset the chip with the System Beater.

Some pics...
Epson cartridge showing the 'Chip'.
The Chip resetter...
Aligning the setter with the chip...
The red light blinks; it turns green and the cart can be inserted in the printer.
Epson.com doesn't sell this chip resetter.


Robert@PNG said...

Hi K,

In PNG we have what are called EasyPay meters for power. Power credits must be purchased in advance at which time a 20 digit code is given (based on meter #) and when entered back at home - gives total k/watts based on how much was purchased.

In your travels - if you ever come across a "chip resetter" type device for these EasyPay meters I would love to hear from you.


Kev said...


No suck luck!

Those meters seem like a good idea. Our son could do with one here so that we are not lumbered with an overdue energy bill.


Robert@PNG said...


I agree... in principle they're a great idea but just like you "cracked" the Epson - I would dearly love to "crack" the meter.