Sunday, October 31, 2010

Denmark, Western Australia

Early tomorrow we are heading down south to Denmark to catch up with friends and to deliver a computer and printer to one of Jim’s students at Denmark Senior High School. Denmark is a lovely town about 60 kilometres west of Albany at the bottom of Western Australia. It is about a four and a half hour trip driving at the speed limit.

Southern towns like Denmark have become very trendy places to live. It is a a nice area with a moderate climate. We have thought about a ‘tree change’ and moving south, but at our age we need to be near a major hospital and Denmark and even Albany cannot provide the oncology facilities that Joan needs. Also we are a bit old in the tooth to start gathering new friends.

It is nesting time here for birds and we haven’t seen our regulars, the magpies, for quite a few weeks. Previous years were the same. As soon as the new babes are able to fly, the parents bring them to our place to learn how to cadge food. I assume that the parents do go food hunting to feed the new offspring...probably insects and worms. Maybe they know something about junk food not being good for newborns?

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