Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Olympics

I am slightly underwhelmed by the Olympics. It always seems to promote a fair bit of Nationalism.

Watching a couple of events last night I was struck by the physical appearance of most of the female athletes. Are breasts a serious impediment to success? They don't seem to worry the Williams sisters. I am sure there is no hormonal treatment involved.

There are a few ads which pop up on web pages and FaceBook that deserve a bit of scorn.

There are the “Congratulations, you have won...' types.

'The Doctors Hate her' types.

The '"crazy old secret makes this so easy" ads.

And the overstocked iPads from $24.95 scams. 


Richard said...

WELL, Kev, as a sports writer even at this advanced age I must say I leap at the chance to see sports most of us only ever contemplate each four years.

Stuff such as white water canoeing, trampolining, equestrian eventing and show jumping, volleyball, yachting in a variety of piddly little boats.

Not many of us I would wager would show even the slightest interest in any of those.
Now I must hasten to add I love football (that's the world game, only known as 'soccer' by we benighted Aussies and the Yanks --- everyone else calls it 'football'), American football at the top level, the NFL (Aussie media calls it 'gridiron' which is a disgraceful term) and cycling on the track and out on the road.

I loooooove the Tour each July. How about that sublime French countryside the peloton passes through each northern summer, in July !!

Oh, and I should add I still write up a local central Victorian Aussie Rules match for each Monday's paper here. No money changes hands .... I just love covering local footy.
A long-time Geelong fan, too. Love beating the SandGroper outfits as often as possible. Along with Hawthorn, which is a given for all Geelong followers.

Bernie said...

I have to admit I think I may need an intervention to be drawn away from the Olympics, I love them and think London has done a fabulous job of hosting them. I am a bit of a sports geek though Kev, yes I know I need to get a life.
Hope you are well my friend, my heart ached for you when you spoke of missing Joan, some days are much worse than others aren't they and I have learned that we really never stop missing our loved ones we only come to accept that this is now the new normal in our lives. Life is still good Kev, just different. Take care my friend, big hugs:-)