Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Moses Hailai Jr/Sr

51 years ago I taught a young lad in Papua New Guinea.  Yesterday I had a comment on this blog by his son of the same name, Moses Hailai.   He left his email address and we exchanged greetings and a little about his father who, like me, has retired from teaching.  Moses Jr will pass on my contact details and I am hoping that this will be another reunion.
Here’s a pic from 1962 showing Moses outside my SOQ in the Gulf of Papua, tasting ice for the first time.

Moses Hailai holding the ice block tray.

Our son is soon to be moving back to the unit we purchased some years ago to house him.  It will make it difficult to get to work as he won’t get his drivers licence back for quite some time.  At the moment he gets up at 4.45am to start work at 7am catching two buses from here.  Where the unit is will mean getting up much earlier.  A work colleague who lives near the unit has offered to take him to work, as she starts and finishes around the same time.  Hope they don’t get sick of each other.

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Richard said...

I WAS a bit further east Kev at Amazon Bay in the way most eastern part of the Central District
Serviced by the occasional Steamships [universally known as Steamies] and Burns Philp [BP, as distinct from British Petroleum] coastal boat.
Invaluable for the transportation of South Pacific Brewery products, of course.
There was also a twice-weekly StolAir Cessna link. I seem to recall that became thrice weekly, but it was 1970 so it's a long time ago. And memory fades!!