Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mike Treasure

Tomorrow I am attending a dedication ceremony for my brother-in-law Mike.  Mike died  just over three years ago and as he wished, his body was given to the medical school at the University of Western Australia.
This ceremony, held at UWA in Winthrop Hall, is a dedication to all those who also gave their body to UWA over the last few years.
Mike in 1980s rig

I have thought about what I want to happen to my body.....join the worms; have a BBQ or let the Uni students play with my bits?


Richard said...

I'M roughly the same age as u, KL, as we both served at almost the same period of time in PNG.
I stuck it out for 13 years, met my future wife there (weren't we lucky to both be Victorians) and was extremely happy as a POO [permanent overseas officer] to receive the golden handshake.
Or was it the bronze handshake ??
But there's no argument from me with family members at the time of croaking.
It's burial in the ground, in a proper --- not cardboard or similar --- casket with some sort of headstone.
I've been to body roastings at funeral homes. That's barbaric.
And as for lying, croaked, on a med. students' slab. No, no, no thank you very much!!

Dorothy Treasure said...

Mick had Parkinson's disease and he rationalised that if something good could come out of this he would donate his body to the university. His choice.