Saturday, June 13, 2015

Kia repaired

My car has been repaired and I am happy with the result @ $2,683.80.   The panel shop is very efficient and the car is as new.   

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Next comes the bill to repair the other two cars I sideswiped.    Haven’t heard much from their insurance companies and I assume they are very happy that I am going to have to pay for their repairs.    

My brother Graham suggested that I should think of the money I will lose as owning a wooden boat moored in the Swan River requiring lots of maintenance. Been there; done that and it was quite an expensive hobby.

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Edward Taylor said...

Good job on the repair. I do feel bad about the car accident though, and how you ended up with having to pay for two more car repairs. If it is any consolation, at least you've got your car back, and you can move forward and go further with it from that point. Take care!

Edward Taylor @ Niguel Auto Center