Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dennis and Carole

Tomorrow, Carole, a friend is to have a colonoscopy at Fremantle Hospital.  Both Carole and her husband Dennis got positive results from a faecal blood test a few weeks back.  Dennis has had his colonoscopy and the results were OK.  Carole and Dennis have been friends of ours for around 50 years.   I hope Carole gets a good result tomorrow.

Dennis is to have major surgery on the 5th of August at the new Fiona Stanley Hospital.  He has had a number of assessments by a team who will be doing the surgery and at last they feel that he is in good enough condition to survive the rather complex 8 hour surgery.
He was diagnosed as having Oesophagel cancer.  The plan is to remove most of his oesophagus and 2/3 of his stomach and re-attach it together up near his lungs.  The main problem will be with a blood vessel to the stomach which may be too short and there may be a breakdown of the sutures if that blood vessel is stretched excessively. All this using Keyhole surgery.  I don’t pray, but I am hoping with everything else for a good result.
This is how Den wrote to me about the operation....

I saw the Surgeon on Friday, and after a long discussion re the possible complications and probable side-effects and my chances of surviving the 8 hour procedure and subsequent recovery , he agreed to proceed . A multi discipline team having discussed my case last Thursday and reached a consensus that my present level of fitness should handle the rigours of the Op.

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