Thursday, December 10, 2015

Resurrecting a MacBook Pro

A couple of weeks ago I was offered a MacBook Pro for my giveaway project.  I gratefully accepted the gift even though the owner told me that a repair firm had deemed the Logic Board to be kaput.
When I did receive it, it was sans charger, so I charged the battery to see if  the MBP was devoid of life: pressed the startup button and it leapt into life.
I had a small moment of moral turpitude, thinking for a second, that I should not tell the donor that his machine is OK and keep it.  That thought rapidly disappeared and I emailed him suggesting that when I had done some maintenance on it that he should collect it.  He was surprised and grateful and if a few tests over this week prove that it is running well, he told me he would collect it and give me a slightly older MacBook for distribution.

PS: There is a problem with the donated laptop.  It will not always boot up and I suspect it is a problem with overheating.  I will download a piece of software to adjust the cooling fans and see what happens.

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