Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mitchell's ongoing saga

 My niece’s son Mitch is still in intensive care after his major road accident.  His leg and arm have been repaired, but he is still on oxygen because of damage to his lung.  The medics cannot repair damaged ligaments until his lungs are deemed strong enough for more surgery.  The lung problem is preventing an MRI scan as the medics think he is not  strong enough to detach him from oxygen etc for the 15 minute transfer to the MRI machine.  If the ligaments are not repaired soon, they may shrink.
Mitch also has some cracked/broken ribs.   

I have this information from my sister in Esperance.  It is all a bit ‘sketchy’ and I hope I have it correct.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Kevin. Kind wishes for a favourable outcome. Paul Weaver.

Kevin said...

Thanks Paul.