Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Letters to the editor

I always read the letters to the editor in our daily newspaper. There are other minor weekly papers serving specific areas surrounding Perth City.  A recent letter to the editor of The Fremantle Herald had Barry having a bit of a whinge about homeless people camping in his leafy suburb of Applecross.

Tina replied to Barry in the next week’s edition and Bazza shot one back to Tina the following week..  I’m not sure this exchange is totally finished.  In any case it’s a good read.  Click to enlarge text


Lord Lucan said...

Is there nowhere on this Planet I can lay my weary head; without causing
a kerfuffle ?

Lord Lucan

Anonymous said...

is there nowhere on this planet I can lay my weary head,with out causing a kerfuffle ?

Lord Lucan