Thursday, October 27, 2016

The good old times??

Yesterday I was reflecting on my 76 years  and some of the technological advances I can recall occurring  during my lifetime.

Ball point pens
gears on bicycles
mobile phones
digital cameras
credit cards 
aerosol paint 
GPS..................etc etc
Of course there are many thousands more.  Make your own list.

Within our Friday gatherings of friends, I often hear the comment that it was a better time back then.  Hmn??     One backwards step in innovation, was the plastic toothpaste tube. The original toothpaste tube was made of a lead/tin alloy which allowed you to fold up the tube as the contents were used.  It worked.  The plastic tube makes it very difficult to get the last three or so tooth cleanings without giving in and getting over the 1950s hangup of getting every last bit of paste out of the tube.  
The tin/lead tubes are still used for things like oil paints.

Get over it Kev!!

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