Monday, January 23, 2017

Pizza oven

My son-in-law James and daughter Helen, are soon to try out their pizza oven.  James bought a builder’s kit and the oven is nearing completion. As soon as the dome is bricked in the surface is to be plastered with a heat resistant plaster and then the sand mound removed from beneath the bricks.  Small plastic spacers hold the fire bricks at the correct angle to follow the curve of the dome whilst cementing them in.

Looking good!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Lock

I hope you do an Australia Day post.

To start you off - you are just the sort of Australian I'd like to live next to. You have a great outlook on life - kind, energetic, finding contentment in everyday things. I love reading your blog.

Good on you.


Kev said...

Thank you Marie. Do I know you?


Anonymous said...

Hi again

No, you don't know me. I just like your blog.