Sunday, May 21, 2017

DNA Ancestry test

Today  I received the results of my Ancestry DNA test.  It is nothing too exciting.  I figured that as both sides of my family; the Locks and the Lees emigrated to Australia from England around 1900 the results would show a Western European/Irish connection.  The lower part of Britain including Somerset is highlighted and that is where the my Locks originated.   Before that no clues.

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The possible relatives shown are contactable
but mine are rated as possible/probable relatives (40% at best)

Both of my families emigrated to the Australian
east coast and then moved to Western Australia.

Of interest was a list of approximately 8,800
probable distant cousins with an email portal
to contact any one, or all of those named. I have
already mailed one person with a familiar name.
A few of the many.