Monday, July 17, 2017

Mazda 929 1993

I bought myself a present.....a 1993 Mazda 929. It was just $3,000 and runs quite well for its 24 years. Done just 145,000 kilometres. There are a couple of things to get it back to original condition.  One is a driver's door window motor.  I have sourced one and will buy it during the week.
I have previously owned three 929s so know my way around them.  The body and paint is in good condition and the interior is good for its age. 

I like it!
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Richard said...

YOU'RE completely different from us KL.
Once a car reaches 90,000 klicks we're looking for a new one.
The one you've got is completely ancient.
New Kia Sportage (platinum) is perfect for us.
Can sit in it along the boundary lines at local footy games taking notes for the Monday regional daily I write for.

Kev said...


I have a Kia Optima as my regular user, however at my age I am entitled to have an 'interesting' limo @ three grand.


macman142 said...

I love it Kevin. Good cars these and with only 145,000k's is excellent.