Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Willetton SHS 20th year reunion Class of '97

This last Friday night I attended a reunion of the class of ’97 from Willetton SHS.  WSHS is the largest Government HS in Western Australia and rides high on its reputation.  Many families have bought houses in its catchment area to have their children attend the school.  I was privileged to have taught there for some 14 years.

I have been to five reunions from my time as a teacher there and each one has been wonderful seeing ex-students as successful adults.   This latest reunion had just two ex-teachers attending; that year’s Year Person and me.

A few Pics of attendees.
Click to enlarge

These 'kids' are 37 and I'm 78 next week

A wonderful night. Looking forward to the 30th.

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