Sunday, February 25, 2018

46 years together

Today, at approximately this time, seven years ago, I lost my dear wife Joan to the bastard disease cancer.   We had 46 wonderful years together.


Richard said...

A sad time Kevin.

Hope you get through the day (and the week) OK.

We've notched up 47 years, Judyth and I.

Married in January 1971 and then back to PNG for the final 6 years of life there.

Returned to Melbourne in Dec. 1976. I'd served 13 years straight, and Judyth 8.

Bought a campervan once back in Melb. but the camping lifestyle (coupled with community bathroom and toilet facilities) not for us so sold the bloody thing in BrisVegas.

Unknown said...

I was thinking of you on that day Kevin, Joan is still sadly missed by the Secret Drawer quilters.