Monday, June 18, 2018

Past and Present

Our daughter Helen teaches a Pre-Primary class at a school near Rockingham.  She has a unit in the HASS  (History and Social Science)  part of the curriculum and I have been collecting objects which have to be classified by her pupils under the project name of Past and Present.
I guess I am about half way through the collection and hope to have about 30 articles which have examples of the past and the present ready for her next week.  The kids will try and work out what some of the old stuff is for and later arrange them in groups of past and present.
Here’s what I have at present.....Click to enlarge

See how many things you recognise

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Richard said...

Items identified so far:

Box of matches, Scales (maybe for gold dust), wedding photo in wooden frame, fob watch and wrist watch,

Japanese fan, binoculars, paper weight, liquid ink and pen holder/dispenser, binoculars, box Brownie

camera, key holder, hurricane lamp, 1 maybe 2 old battery radios, electric desk fan, paper map.

Having absolutely no technical or handyman skills or knowledge dunno what electrical tools are.