Thursday, August 9, 2018

Being Old Aint no picnic!

My GP has referred me to a Nephrologist to investigate my low kidney function.  I told  the specialist of a possible cause I had read about (didn’t mention Mr Google*) concerning Malaria.  Some 12 years ago I was a regular blood donor but my donation was declined because Malaria was found in a previous donation.   The doc didn’t think Malaria was a serious threat to my kidneys, but he rang me last night after consulting with another specialist and has given me three lab request forms for tests over the next six days. The details of the blood tests are....Thick Film Blood Smear for Malarial Parasites.
I had an attack of Malaria in Papua New Guinea in 1962 and another attack in Western Australia in 1964.  

* Doctors don’t like being told anything from Google.

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