Friday, November 30, 2018

Buying a car from afar

Kathy, the wife of a good friend from Papua New Guinea days asked for a bit of assistance about a car she wanted to buy.  I live in Western Australia and Kathy, now widowed, lives in Sydney NSW.   The particular car she wanted is at a large dealer here in Perth.   I said I would go and inspect it and get back to her.  The car was as new and looked and sounded fine.   She now is having the dealer arrange for the W.A. licence to be cancelled and the car transported by truck to her in Sydney town.   She really did want that car!

Yesterday I celebrated the 79th year of my birth.  I received a couple of very nice presents from my son and daughter,  Helen, my daughter visited with my two grandkids (they are both staffies) and she cooked us a lovely meal...thanks Helen.
At 79 years of age, I have to remind myself not to plant fruit trees or even buy green bananas.

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Richard said...

I'M 78 Kev but here in central Victoria old footy identities are dying like flies.

I wrote up 3 of these lads -- obituaries, I suppose you'd call them --- for the Bendigo Footy League's grand final programme back In Sept.

Then on Friday went to a 135 minute service in Bendigo's Sacred Heart Cathedral It was packed and I was in standing room only at the very back.

That one was for a bloke named John Ledwidge who'd played 44 games for South Melb. in the old VFL before coming up here in the late Fifties.

Then this morning another 80-something bloke passed. He and I did the Wednesday morning AFL preview show on a community radio station from end of March till end of September each year.

We've just got to hang on, KL.