Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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This book of Cook’s Voyages was printed in 1790.  It was in a lovely colonial house we bought in 1975 whilst on leave in Western Australia from teaching in Papua New Guinea.  I confess I have not read the whole book of 406 pages  and it is the only time I have seen the spelling showing s letters as f letters.  Interesting.
A couple of pages for you to practice your Fs an Ss.


Gillian said...

Good to see you back, Kevin. Hope you’re ok. Gillian

macman142 said...

Great to see you're back, and to see activity here again. Hope you're well. If you still have my email, please feel free to drop me a message any time. David

Kev said...


you must forgive my 80 year old brain and remind me of where we have met. PM me your email address.