Friday, March 13, 2009

More chilli sauce

I have a few nice chilli bushes in the garden and I blame them for the slight obsession I have with making chilli sauce. Yesterday's effort was a small brew, but a good brew and I bottled it in a couple of small bottles. Trouble is, I don't write down exactly what amounts of various ingredients I put in the blender, so it doesn't always taste the same. It usually burns the same though.

I have tried the pickling method where all the ingredients are minced and then steeped in vinegar. Yesterday's small batch was liquefied and then simmered for 10-15 minutes. I think the latter method is a sauce and the former a pickle.

I just had a shave and shower and reflected on the injustice done by old age. My legs now have very little hair on them, but my ear hairs and eyebrows grow at a rate that tomato gardeners would be proud of. The eyebrow hairs no longer have that soft feeling that my wife felt against her face many years they are like barbed wire and need cutting with secateurs. I have to look carefully in the mirror to check whether there is not a long flag-like hair trailing from my ear.


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Anonymous said...

I gave up making mashed chilli stuff after I learned somewhere it can damage eyesight.