Thursday, March 5, 2009

Open the Gates

Micro$oft woes

We use Microsoft Office 2004. It used to work OK, but just recently we have been receiving a few documents with the suffix .docX and 2004 cannot open them.

It seems that the trouble is a gift from MS in the form of a new form of document which is part of Office 2007 and 2008.

It isn’t a problem in most cases as people can resend them as PDFs....problem solved!

If for some reason the sender can’t create a PDF then we can go through a series of steps downloading updates for Office 2004; then loading on a downloaded patch which converts the .docX to a regular .doc file. Fixed.

This does not only apply to Macs; PCs with Office 2004 also have the same problem.
Bet there is plenty of money to be made by Mr Fixit computer guys.

Most of the computers I have distributed have parts of Office 2004 loaded. Hope I don’t get too many call backs to fix that problem.

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Robert@PNG said...

Hi Kev,

Just reading your post on the "shitty-ness" of MS.

First I was a MS nut then I went dual boot (with Linux) and recently I ditched MS all together.

Have you ever heard of a product called OpenOffice? The later versions will automatically recongise and can open Office 2007 native format "docx".

It's absolutely unbelievable that MS develops software that can't open it;s own files!

If only MS were a little more open to the Open Document format and standard.


NB: I'm currently in Sydney for a one month break