Sunday, December 13, 2009

Then and now

Click on the Pics to enlarge them.
This is the house we owned for almost 30 years on Canning Highway, Bicton. It was built in 1897 and we were the second owners.
This is our house circa 1900 with Canning Highway as a dirt road and kids dangerously playing amongst the horse poo on the highway. The hotel in the valley is the Leopold Hotel before it was 'modernised'.
And here it is today. The house is still there in excellent condition behind all the greenery on the right. The Leopold is still trading as a pub and it is one of the reasons we decided to sell up and shift. The kids are long gone.


Greg said...

Nice pics. I know that view well (the recent one), as a long-term resident of the area. I've seen an excellent gallery of pics of the area towards Canning Bridge too, in (of all places) the Red Rooster at Applecross. Always enjoy your blog.
I hope Joan's feeling better.


Anonymous said...

I can remember an old windmill behind the Leopold.