Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Government bastardry

Our son Martin still has not received his official recognition of Australian citizenship. There are only a couple of days before the Immigration Department takes their annual Christmas break of two+ weeks and I am betting that Martin's certification will be delayed until the new year. His employer, the national food chain, Coles Limited, is now putting pressure on him for a quick resolution of his situation, which of course is not his fault. My support is unconditional and I will continue to fund his forced unemployment. I am however, very unhappy with the bureaucratic nightmare that has cost me thousands of dollars and my son his self worth in what should have been a simple affirmation of his Australian citizenship. Damn the system!

I wish I knew of some person I could approach for a swift resolution to this farce.


Anonymous said...

I would fax an urgent letter to Coles CEO at head office explaining the situation from your angle and politely asking for more understanding. The pressure may be coming from a branch manager. After the situation is resolved Martin may be entitled to Centrelink back payments. Paul W.

Bernie said...

Can you contact your Member of Parliament or Member of the Legislature? Whoever represents your district should be able to help you Kev. Martin doesn't deserve to loose his job over something like this. You may have to follow a different procedure that we do in Canada, I would like to think that people are just as fair there as here.....:-)Hugs