Saturday, November 30, 2013


Daughter Helen is recovering from the migraine attack.  She has a supply of a nasal spray named Imigran, which seems to give relief.  

Yesterday I joined about 40 other oldies for a reunion of Papua New Guinea expatriates who all belong to the PNGAssociation, an Australia wide organisation aimed at keeping people in contact so that they can get an opportunity to tell their stories to people who will be interested.  Many people are not too interested in old PNG stories.
The venue was a hotel reception room and we shared the room with another reunion of the class of 1962 of Kent St High School.  I was amazed to see my cousin Ted at the Kent St gathering in the same room.   The noise from around 80 people recounting past times was deafening.  
At 74 I thought I might be the oldest there, but there were plenty older than me.

I will suggest the next ‘get-together’ be at someone’s house so that it is easier to converse and move around.


Allan P said...

Hi Kevin - it was an excellent outing, and I was very pleased that my best mate Geoff Gray caught up with some old mates and made some new ones, yourself included! I am impressed with your blogging - keep up the good work (writing).

See you again some day, and best wishes. Allan Padgett (0406 693 636)

Anonymous said...

Glad Hellen is feeling a bit better. Paul Weaver.

Kev said...

Allan, please keep in touch. My email addy is