Wednesday, November 6, 2013

'Tight Arse Traveller'

I have had a sudden rush of people turning up to collect free computers from my place and yesterday had a phone call from a chap who asked if I could come to his house to repair his PC.  I explained to him that I was not a PC expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I would have a look at it for him.  He got my name from a librarian at his Public Library.  He was given my name and phone details and told that I repair and distribute computers.  I cannot imagine how the librarian had my details. 

When I went to his house we cranked up the PC and it made a noise which indicated that the RAM (memory card) was not working.  I brought it home and when I opened it replaced the RAM with one from my it now works.  The rear of the box was facing a window which he leaves open to the weather and it has rusted some of the exterior bare steel panels and I believe affected the RAM slot inside the box.  I took it back this morning and he was delighted that he didn’t have to call a real repair man.
                                               My RAM collection

He is 71 years of age...almost three years younger than me and could talk underwater. He is a self described ‘tight arse traveller’ having made many world trips on the cheap.  He flies at night so he doesn’t need a hotel bed; takes his own bowl and breakfast cereal and seeks out other travellers to share a room on the cheap.  On a recent trip he slipped into Burma for a look  and got out without being caught without documents.  Friends maintain that if he were caught and jailed, he would be in first class accommodation compared to his regular doss houses.

Good talking (listening) with him!

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Richard said...

Can't stand these types of fellow-travellers we are afflicted with Kev.
Not meaning travellers on planes or trains or whatever. Just folks looking for the cheapest option.
Example: we are big movie goers. Not to multiplexes but more to art house cinemas.
Mondays at our favourite in Carlton, Melbourne is 'scum bags' day. Admission at a much cheaper rate than usual.
That's OK but wot do the Monday hordes do. Bring their wrapped up sangers, lollies, even thermoset of tea.

Rustling and crumpling for the 1st 20 mins. of the film. Aaaaargh!