Sunday, November 9, 2014

Busy Bee

Yesterday was designated a Busy Bee day for all the owners of units in the block I am housing my son.  I have attended every one of these things over the years and it usually turns out to have a turnup crowd of three or four.  This time there were only two of us there to do gardening  and general cleanup that the regular gardener never does.
There are 18 units in this block and for just 2 owners to turn up is very poor.  Instead of doing gardening, we, as well as my son, repaired the rear metal fence which is regularly kicked in or out, depending whether villains want to get in to thieve and vandalise or to make a gateway for tenants to take a short cut to the town centre.

We know that this is just another temporary repair but hope the several dozen metal screws with which we secured the steel sheeting will cause them some problems when they next kick it in/out.

Once we finished the fence repair we declared it all done and departed.  I would rather have every owner pay $50 and a professional job done but unfortunately the collection of those subs would not be easy.

BTW Australians speak English and although we have no real distinguishing accents, each state has different terms for some items.   A Busy Bee is a volunteering work party at no payment at least in Western Australia.

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Richard said...

IN Victoria --- metro and regional/country --- we call them WORKING bees, KL
Incidentally, did u know Melb. will be bigger than Sydney by 2016-17. Closing in on 5 mill. now.
Cafe/catering daughter does many functions a month for the City of Maribyrnong Her contacts there say between 1500-1600 new people arrive in Melbourne each WEEK
That's a big boost to population density and it's doubtful that the infrastructure keeps up.
Maybe Perth has seen the new wave of migration. In western Melb. suburbs people from the Horn of Africa gave taken over from the Vietnamese/Thai/SE Asian area as the bulk of newcomers.