Monday, November 10, 2014

Can You Help

A few weeks ago I contacted The West Australia, our daily newspaper.  They run a 'Can You Help' page in the Monday edition.

Some 25 years ago, I had collected some photos of a WW1 soldier and thought I might find out who he was by using the can you help column.  The person who manages that column, Jenny, thought it was a long shot as there was no surname just the name Frank.

This morning about 6.30am I received a phone call from a relative of Frank telling me that he has all his records and details of service.   It will be interesting to meet with him and find out more of Frank.  There might be something significant worth writing about.  Click the photo to enlarge.

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Suzie Davey said...

That was a quick response, great result, our kids have a Tudor and he is doing research on Thomas Kidd, his great Grandfather( or uncle) not sure. His name is Neil Kidd and was a teacher for many years and now lives in Fremantle and retired, he wrote a small book which we purchased off him on Anzzac Dad this year. Was a Great read, love reading about history now I'm old!! Suzie Davey