Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Leg cramp medication

As a follow-up to my leg cramps story, my daughter Helen gave me some medication which seems to be working.    A couple of pics of the container, one showing the ingredients; so many that it looks as though they are trying to cover all the bases.  Something in there has got to work.

                                click pics to enlarge
I have just filled my car with petrol at 95.1 cents a litre, which included a 5c shoppers discount.  Hope it stays around that price for a long time.


David Bahr said...

For WA that is a very good price, but enjoy it while you can\. Word has it some Sinney Town Service Stations are already charging $120.9.

Thanks for the tip on cramps. I will search out.

David Bahr

PS still waiting for a response to my Email!

Anonymous said...

kev, I read that taking statins for high cholesterol can cause cramps also diet coke which contains artificial sweeteners can cause cramps. I hope what you are taking works. If so I'll be trying it, Marg

Kev said...


I think I will not join the Crusade.