Saturday, February 14, 2015

St John's Ambulance Service

Yesterday I had a visit from a nice ex-student of mine who has been an ambo for a number of years.  She had just come off duty and dropped in on her way home to have a sleep before recommencing duty at 5pm.   I asked her how she was enjoying her job.  

She finds it interesting, BUT sometimes dangerous and disheartening with the drunkenness and sometime violence of alcohol and drugs. Suicide and self-harm are not uncommon causes of callouts.

Paramedics are not in the upper levels of renumeration in dollars, however they are well regarded by most of the community.  She told me that weekends are the times when clients are at their most difficult. 

There is a Western Australian site on line where people can post photos of drivers who are poor parkers.  

An example I photographed a few days ago:  Click to enlarge.
I won't embarrass him/her by posting the photo.

Click here to visit the site on Facebook. It isn't too thrilling!

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