Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Australia's new Prime Minister

Australia has a new Prime Minister.  That makes five PMs in the last 5 years.

PM (sorry ex PM) Tony Abbott was gently deposed by Malcolm Turnbull.  I always thought Malcolm should be the PM.  Seems to be a nice guy; intelligent and not too belligerent in parliament or out of parliament. Unlike Tony, he doesn’t have any distinctive facial features for political cartoonists to latch on to.

I am unsure of the facts, but it has been said that Tony was just three days short of being eligible for ex PMs’ lifetime free travel etc etc on the public purse. 

Clive Palmer, the senator for Fairfax, Queensland is sometimes the only entertainment parliament experiences.  A couple of days ago from the rear seat of his Rolls Royce, he made a short video telling the then PM to go.  See it here.
He does a goodbye video to any politician who is in a bit of trouble.

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