Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ultraviolet Light Therapy

For the last 6 weeks I have been suffering with a bad run of Psoriasis. I have had mild incarnations at approximately the same time each year over a 10 year period, but this time Psori  looks like it is trying to stay with me.
G.P., Dermotologist,  home-grown pseudo doctors have all weighed in the fight to no avail.    Ointments ; cremes, powders and a variety of witches' brews.  I am itching and scratching all over my body and decided to see my GP to get another referral to revisit the dermo again.
In the referral the GP suggested  that I would be happy to try Ultraviolet Light Therapy.  This is done at the Dermo’s suite where there are a number of round ‘booths’ lit by infrared light tubes. The patient has to be nude and wearing dark sunglasses as well as using a facemask. It is estimated that at three times a week I should see much improvement in 6 - 8 weeks.  I have been told by a friend who has had this treatment before that I should bring along a sock at each session.   Whatever can that be for??
Had my first session early this morning sans sock.

Fortunately the treatment is bulk billed and is free for the patient.  Australia has a very good healthcare system.

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Anonymous said...

Silly Boy

The 11-13 size sock is far too small for the old fellow.

Size 14-16 would be far more suitable for him , my Darling !