Friday, March 11, 2016


This morning I ‘installed’ a small job I did for daughter Helen’s Pre Primary class. I drove to the school and went to the office to sign in as a visitor.  The school registrar quizzed me about what I was here for and asked if I had a Working With Children certificate.  I told her I hadn’t and she was on her way to tell the Deputy Principal.  I yelled out that I was not going into a classroom and my daughter had chosen this exact time so that her class would not be outside in the playground.  She hummed a bit, but signed me in and gave me a visitor’s badge to wear.  A lot of people think that Principals run schools, but in my experience the registrar seems to be in charge most times.

The little job was to try and attach a few things I had made onto a tree to entertain the kids and spark a bit of imagination.  The tree wasn’t my choice as it was difficult to get all the things looking like they should.  I would have preferred a straight trunk tree, but Helen said it looked fine and the kids would love it.

I stood outside the fence when the kids were let out to take a look.  It was a great success.  One girl told everyone the ‘there is someone inside there’ and tried to open the little door.  Worthwhile project.

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Bernie said...

Well done Kev, what a great idea. The children will love it, xx