Thursday, March 31, 2016

Made my day!

Doing some shopping at a local market this morning I met Suzie, a wonderful young lady I taught during my years at Willetton SHS.  I urged her to visit for a cup of tea and we had probably about an hour of great reminiscences about family, school and friends.

Suzie has an ongoing affliction of migraine headaches and over a number of years she has tried the usual medical treatments and even some alternative treatments to no avail.
She is hopeful of eventually finding the cure.

Suzie today and another pic from my scrappy marks book when I taught her in Year 8.

You made my day Suzie.

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David Bahr said...

Suzie has my absolute sympathy when it comes to pains in the head.

For several years I was suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia. Reportedly the worst pain there is - I'll vouch for that. Suddenly zaps for no obvious reason Wrongly nicknamed the "suicide pain", the French call it tic douloureux, meaning "painful twitch". When it strikes all that can be done is remain in that position, expression and all and not move. Finally the drugs were so strong an operation was al that could be ease the pains. Simple - drill a hole through the skull bone, loop a thread around the blood vessel and ease it away from the offending nerve. Instant and permanent relief!