Friday, April 8, 2016

A little sucker

Doing a bit of pre-winter gardening I found a little sucker (literally) sucking on my Tahitan Lime Tree buds   Don't know its entomological name and being a nice day and feeling well I didn't punish it.   Drink up kid!
Click image to view.

I can't drink upside down.

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David Bahr said...

Ah the Tahitian Lime! I had one of those too. You may recall the PNG Kalamansi. Turn your eyeballs to look through the back of your head. I became addicted to them in PNG - 1/- for a basketful of them which would have been around 100. I soon was able to drink up to eight of the small fruits in a glass of water with sugar of course.

My bush was planted behind a fig tree so access became difficult and when neighbours changed I lost "possession" of the lime to the new tenant. Within six months it was dead because he was not interested so failed to water it.

Curiously my bush was attacked by the self-same bugs.