Thursday, April 21, 2016

Creepers and the Corpse Flower

At 76 I have seen lots of interesting plants especially creepers.  When we worked in Papua New Guinea, one plant was not common, but usually found by following a scent which was described as smelling like a rotting corpse.  I saw only one of these plants, by smelling it and wandering off into the bush to find a strange looking plant which was not one you would cultivate in your garden.  Read about it here.

Here, at my  house, I grow a number of Passionfruit vines and am always fascinated to see how quickly they form support structures to enable them to bridge a gap.  Where are their brains?
Having a look for the sun

Almost there!

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David Bahr said...

G'day Kevin and Family.

It has been quite a while since I last popped in to read your musings. Was reminded some time during last night as I woke with you on my mind.

Ha, ha, yes your mention of the old Titan Arum have me a smile as I have one in the bottom of my garden. Actually the present one is only a couple of years old and has not bloomed - yet!!! I bought it named "the Snake Plant". My first one disappeared as the soil is simply rubble from the previous houses. This one is in a pot ready to be moved further away should the scent offend neighbours.

My Grandfather had one of hse plants too, in the very back of his garden and it bloomed!!! Unfortunately for the passers-by his property was 30' X 60' with two street frontages, so they copped the smell every year. To make things worse it was opposite a small hospital (Stowell Hospital on Battery Point so thee was a constant stream of admirers.

You manage to keep your gardens looking beautiful which is a credit to you.
Gardening has been impossible for me in recent years. Now require a walking frame to get around - I'm on my second one already.

Best wishes and keep mulching, David