Saturday, November 29, 2008

Birthday (old) boy

Today I turned 69. Got a couple of nice pressies and happy birthday wishes.

I went to a large shopping centre with brother Graham and we had a very mediocre Chinese meal at a food hall. Bro decided that he wanted to buy an electric carving knife and so we went to several stores looking for them. En route I bought a lotto ticket and folded it into my wallet. I remember that part. After exiting K Mart I realised that I had lost my wallet with a hundred dollars cash, but more importantly ALL my cards.

Bro did the sensible thing and asked the infuriating question: 'where did you lose it?' After visiting all the places we had been I suddenly remembered that whilst we were in K Mart I had put the wallet on a shelf to show him how a hand-held vacuum cleaner worked. We dashed back to K Mart just as a K Marter was handing it in to the front desk. Much thanks and relief expressed.

That lotto ticket could be a lucky one?

Is it something to do with being 69? Probably not as I have been doing things like that since I was sixteen.


Robert@PNG said...

Hi Kevin,

Happy 69th!!

Your story about the wallet reminded of a similar incident many years ago. I left my wallet on the roof of my car and drove off. It wasn't until I got home an hour or so later that I realised that I had lost it after a message was left for me by the finders. The $600 bucks that was in the wallet was still there!! I went out and bought a lottery ticket that day - but never won a cent!!

Something that would definitely not happen in PNG!!


NB: I have heard said that the 1st 69 years are the hardest. Is this true?

Paul Weaver said...

A hundred dollars cash? You must be rich.