Thursday, November 13, 2008

Malaria antibodies

Yesterday I received a letter from the Red Cross Blood Service letting me know that after some 45 years since I had a malaria attack, my blood still has Non-Parasitaemic Malaria Antibodies in it. Not that that means much; I can still donate for plasma. I would like to blame that malaria hangover for something, but cannot think of what.

I have mentioned before that I collect good computers from institutions for re-distribution to poorer countries. My shed has around 30 machines in good condition with monitors and software ready to go. Previous destinations have been Bali and Zimbabwe. Both those destinations are no longer viable because of transport problems. This week I have contacted the Lions Club, Rotary and Notre Dame university in Fremantle to offer them for shipping to East Timor. Alas, all three have ceased shipping gear to ET. Next I searched the net for Aboriginal Missions in outback Western Australia. I talked with the Principal of an SDA Mission school in Meekathara. Their web page suggested that they find funding difficult and looked like a good target for my gear. 'Sorry', she said 'We are about to receive our new computers and dump our old ones.'

I cannot let these machines go to landfill and so will approach our City Council to get an article placed in their newsletter offering them to people who cannot afford a computer or are a bit afraid of technology. There must be lots of oldies thinking about writing their memoirs. The offer will include set-up, instructions and follow-up help. I have done it for a few people in the past and it isn't that difficult.


Robert@PNG said...

Hi Kevin,

We could always do with some more PC's here at Goroka General Hospital. Any surplus would end up being distributed to other Hospitals around the Highlands.

Ever though of sending them to PNG?


joanlil said...

I would dearly love to send lots of computers to PNG, however the logistics and cost of transport from W.A. to Goroka are impractical. The Qld Education Dept. must have hundreds of pensioned off machines and free shipping could probably be organised with the help of an organisation such as Rotary. But even the transport from the coast to Goroka would be very expensive. Do you have any contacts in Qld?



Weast said...

You can always donate to Murdoch University, Guild. They have a program call 8 Ball ,
The guild collect computers to ship of to Africa and Asian countries...
The guild receive computers in any state so IT students can repair if need be

To find out more about the 8Ball Computer Program, please contact Vicky Noonan on 9360 6307 or email

It is very successful