Friday, November 7, 2008

Lincoln & Obama

Yesterday, the 6th of November, 148 years ago, Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States. Those states were hardly united and seven of them seceded before Lincoln took the oath of office.

Lincoln had only one year of formal schooling.

It is a pity that Barack Obama missed out by one day.

He has been elected at a time when things are looking a bit bleak. On the other hand he cannot be blamed for the economic crisis or the minor wars the U.S. is involved in. I cannot see how he can fix things, but if he does he will be remembered as not only the first black president, but also the saviour of that nation.

In an Australian poll taken during the election run-up, 76% of Australians thought Obama would make the better president. I thought he looked and sounded statesman like.

There are enough gun nutters in the U.S. to keep the Presidential security personnel employed for quite a few years.

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